Your Most Powerful Asset for Making Money is Your Voice! It can Make-Or-Break Your Video, Audio, Webinar, or Presentation. On a Scale from 1 to 10, How Would You Grade Your VOICE?

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Do You Freak-Out When You Hear Your Voice Played Back On a Video or Recording?


FACT: You are NOT Your Voice, you are it's CREATOR, and if you Don't Like the way it SOUNDS   . . . WITH A FEW SIMPLE ADJUSTMENTS YOU CAN CHANGE IT! 

With 7 billion Internet-connected devices worldwide today, "All The World" really is Your Stage, and on that stage you can go from Obscurity to Superstar in 48 hours. It's time to ask yourself this question:


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Who Says There's Nothing "New" Under The Sun?

For over 25 years 4 times best-selling author Joni Wilson has limited her unique, cutting-edge 3-Dimensional Voice® Training to serious voice students, especially those facing career-threatening voice problems and life-changing opportunities.

Now, with the publishing of her two latest, best-selling books: The Voice of Success: Revised Female Edition, and The Voice Of Success: Male Edition, Joni has put together a voice training package that is new, unique, affordable and incredibly effective for  everyone who needs a powerful effective voice!

A Voice That Commands Attention!

Joni Answers Her #1 Question


This One-Of-A-Kind Voice Training is for speakers, business pros. singers, media performers, online marketers, entrepreneurs, authors, & everyone who needs a good, professional, long-lasting voice to deliver their unique message.

In Joni's voice training packages, she shares information that will help people avoid years of expensive voice coaching and will also save them a lifetime of frustration and voice problems.

Joni's clients call her a "Miracle-Worker" and are happy that she is, at last, sharing her unique voice method with a world that desperately needs her expertise and her help!

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The Voice of Success - Male Edition: Creating The Voice Of A Winner

Joni Wilson's Video Training System has everything a man needs to create the perfect voice to deliver his unique mess...

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The Voice of Success - Female Edition: A Woman's Guide To A Powerful Voice

The Voice Of Success-Female Edition: A Woman's Guide To A Powerful  and Persuasive Voice For over 20+ year...

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The ABC's of Voice: Attitude, Belief, and Confidence: Your Secret Path To Success, Wealth & Happiness

    FACT: There is a very good reason why major corporations pay top dollar for personal development expe...

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Joni's Virtual Voice Coach Audio Lesson Package

Intro Special: Buy All 5 Lessons and You Can Have the 6th Lesson FREE!! Lesson 1 Anyone Can Sing   Learn...

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How to Warm-Up Your Voice For Fun and Profit!

  Athletes ALWAYS warm-up their muscles before an important performance, DO YOU? A good vocal warm-up is as vi...

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How To Avoid Voice Profiling In The Work Place

Coming Spring 2018  Accent Reduction In 7 Easy Steps! How to Avoid "Voice Profiling in the Workplace": Ac...

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"Joni’s voice lessons are worth their weight in gold. I am amazed at how well I can project into the lecture hall with only a few minor changes. The pointers Joni gave me at her workshop were priceless."

Patty Anderson,
MSc Education Counselor
Geologic Research Div Scripps Institute of Oceanography,
La Jolla, CA

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How to Improve Your Speaking (& Singing) Voice INSTANTLY!

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