Solving 4 Major Voice Problems That Affect Your Voice. . . BIG-TIME

Here are Four Major Voice Problems Speakers and Singers Face Daily and How to Effectively Manage Them.

Shared by Joni Wilson America's Premier Voice Trainer


1.) Head Colds and Sinus Infections: (“That darn kid on the plane just kept sneezing all over me, what can I do?”)

Water magnifies sound, and that’s a good thing. So when my clients have a major presentation and a head cold at the same time, I tell them to enjoy the resonant sound and stop worrying. The voice is produced in the vocal cords down in the larynx, (Adam’s-apple) neck area. Nasal congestion is produced in the nose and sinus area. These two are not even close to each other.
The major concern here is to be aware of the medications you are
taking. If it dries up your mucous (as decongestants do), it will also dry up your vocal cords because they are mucous-membranes membranes and need that mucous to keep them lubricated.

Steaming the mucous membranes of the nose and throat with a few drops...
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10 Super Facts to Keep Your Voice Healthy and Happy

The day it finally dawned on me that the human voice is an incredibly powerful ball of pure energy spewing out of the mouth and enveloping everything within its range of sound, is the day I stopped being angry and disappointed in its inadequacies. Up until that time I had always believed that it was, “My voice and I was stuck with it.” Not only that, I didn't even like the sound of it, and the sad truth of that belief was, if "I" didn't like the sound of my voice, how could I expect anyone else to like it?

 I kept punishing my voice for disappointing me by tightening and strangling it. In my ignorance of the truth, I believed I could make it perform by pushing it harder and forcing it to be louder so people would hear me in the back of the room.

 The frustrating part of all that pushing was my voice would simply say, “Enough is enough!” and shut down on me when I needed it most. I was the one who was reaping the wrath of my own vengeance, not...

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The Voice is a Terrible Thing to Waste (or Lose)

“Oh no,” Jamie moaned. “ It’s the day of my big keynote speech and I have NO VOICE... What do I do now?”

There is a good chance that at some time in your business career you too will come face to face with that dreaded menace called, “ Vocal Blowout”. Known in some circles as a “Speakers Flat”, this pesky problem usually shows up at the worst possible time, like the day before your first presentation to a new client. Well don’t panic, just open up your vocal toolbox, take out that old red bicycle pump and start pumping the life back into your voice. Just like the tires on your bike, your voice thrives on the air you pump into it and it too will go “flat” without adequate air.

In my years of training voices, (speakers, singers, consultants, business professionals on-line marketers, authors etc.), it doesn’t matter what the profession may be; I have...

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Why Do I Need Voice Lessons?

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Rosemarie Ballard, Interviews Joni Wilson (San Diego, California) 

Title Question:

Why Do I Need Voice Lessons

 Rosemarie Ballard : Joni, why does anyone need Voice Lesson?

Joni: Performers are constantly asking this question regarding the importance of taking or NOT taking voice lessons. The answer, of course, depends on who you ask as the answers can go from; "Yes voice lessons are important." to "No, voice lessons are a waste of your time and money."

 Here is My Answer To That Never Ending, But Always Perplexing Question.

 As a voice trainer, I get telephone calls and e-mails at all hours of the day and night from people searching for answers to those success-robbing voice dilemmas that seemed to pop up at the worst possible times. The problems, which ranged from chronic vocal fatigue to total voice loss, can happen, often for no apparent reason.

 But, the truth is: There is always a reason!

 In my years of teaching...

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Calming the Stage Fright Monster


 The Stage Fright Monster Is Real! Get Over It

When someone tells you ‘‘stage fright is all in your head,’’ you can agree—to a point. It is in your head, but it’s also in your voice, your body, and your nervous and digestive systems. It may start from imagined apprehension, but the symptoms that invade your body are real, and all of those affirmations posted on your refrigerator or dressing room mirror, denying the reality of stage fright are simply taking up space.

 Stop denying its existence, and step up and meet it eye to eye. The more you try to suppress your nervous anxiety, the more it will feed on your hidden feelings. Let the heart pump and the hands get cold and clammy and see it for what it is, your brain’s instinctive reaction to your own overblown anxiety.

Try the "What-if Exercise: It Works!!!

The way to overcome stage fright is to simply cut out the what-ifs and enjoy the challenges instead of fighting them....

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