Joni's Virtual Voice Coach Audio Lesson Package

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Lesson 1 Anyone Can Sing   Learn More

Lesson 2 Power Breathing For Pitch & Voice Control   Learn More

Lesson 3 How to Warm Up Your Voice For Peak Performance   Learn More

Lesson 4 How To Avoid Yodels, Breaks & Voice Cracks   Learn More

Lesson 5 How To Pick The Right Song For Your Voice   Learn More

Lesson 6 Bonus (Singer, Speaker) Plus Lesson Recordings 1-5 Special Price 

 9 Secrets To Keeping Your Voice Healthy and Young For The Rest Of Your Life. (Debunking the Aging Voice Myth)

After losing my voice at the peak of my career, and not understanding why I have personally dedicated the past 20 years to finding new techniques to strengthen the speaking and singing voice. When you learn to use your voice correctly, it is possible to keep it healthy and active for life.

#1 Anyone Can Sing Learn More

In Lesson Six, you will learn how to give yourself a "voice-lift" to keep your voice strong and youthful for the rest of your life. In my 25 years of teaching voice, I can honestly say there is no reason for the voice to age or deteriorate except for bad voice technique.

  1. Why there’s no need or reason for your voice to age
  2. How to give yourself a voice-lift and a young sounding voice
  3. Why vocal exercises keep the voice healthy at any age
  4. An introduction to the amazing 3-Dimensional Voice® Technique