How To Avoid Voice Profiling In The Work Place

Coming Spring 2018 

Accent Reduction In 7 Easy Steps!

How to Avoid "Voice Profiling in the Workplace": Accent Reduction In 7 Easy Steps: 4 Video Modules, MP3 Audio Recording, Workbook full of exercises and additional Information: Introductory price $59.00


In this training,  Joni will guide you through the process of NOT changing your natural voice but creating a NEW voice that has no accent. Hundreds have gone through Joni's unique accent reduction training and found it not only effective, and life-changing, it was fun!!!!

From board-room, to podium, to classroom, to telephone, everyday you are being judged, labeled and categorized by the sound of your voice. It’s called Voice or Linguistic Profiling and we are all guilty of it. It’s that instant moment of judgment when you hear the voice on the other end of the telephone and make a snap decision that this is or is not a person you choose to do business with because of their age, gender, nationality, intelligence, personality, and emotional instability.