Lesson #1 Anyone Can Sing

Do Your Friends and Family Groan When You Tell Them You Want To Sing?

LESSON 1 (Singer)

 Singing Voice Basics 101

No disrespect to your mother, your friends or your choir director, but the last laugh is on them. Even though you may not have the same set of vocal “pipes” as Pavarotti or Celine Dion, you too can have a GOOD, yes I said Good, singing voice when you learn how to use your voice correctly.


This first lesson will give you all the essential tools you need to start your singing experience. As your  Personal Voice Coach Joni can truthfully say that in her 20 plus years of teaching professional as well as beginning singers, She has yet to find anyone who did not sing better once they learned a few basic, yet simple techniques. In this lesson, you will also learn what a good singing voice really is and why some people think they can sing when they can’t, (watch American Idol auditions for a good example of that one), while others believe that they can’t sing when they CAN.

This 30 Minute Audio Voice Lesson Will Teach You:

  •     How to Create Good Pitch
  •     How to Add Power and Style to your Singing
  •     How to Answer the Question; Alto, Soprano, Tenor or  Bass?
  •     Why Anyone CAN sing
  •     Good Singing Secrets the Pros Use


The average private voice lesson can cost from $85 to $300. Now, for only $9.95 you can take a lesson in the privacy of your own home from one of the country’s leading voice experts, Joni Wilson. Download one lesson a week and repeat that lesson over and over. When you resonate with the information, move on to another lesson. And as a bonus, when you buy five lessons, the sixth one is on Joni.

 Note: Lesson number one also includes a bonus 10-minute warm-up exercise plus a PDF worksheet download.

Start Living Your Singing Dream Today. It’s True, With Joni’s Expert Guidance. . .