#2 Power Breathing For Pitch & Voice Control

Want to blow away your competition? In today’s music scene from Pop to Broadway, vocal power rules as those soft, pretty voices are quietly left behind.


This lesson introduces you to parts of your body you had no clue were connected to your breath or your voice. For advanced vocal power, don’t miss this one! (Singer/Speaker)


Lesson Two will teach you how to access and add power and control to your voice without "killing it!" Singing or speaking, to avoid a complete vocal "blow-out," you must have good control of your breath. In this voice lesson, you will be given the keys to unlock the power you will need to win that audition. You will also learn the secret to creating a steady, powerful, stream of air which will also add phrasing and dynamics to your singing, and speaking voice.

Who Needs This Lesson?

This lesson is a must for anyone who uses their voice professionally or simply wants to sing in the car. You will also be given breath control exercises to properly support your voice and avoid sounding "pitchy", flat or sharp.

As a Bonus, lesson two introduces you to not one but two diaphragms in your body. Both are necessary to give you absolute control of your voice. Think about it—babies cry all night and never get hoarse. You will learn how to apply the same technique to power your voice that babies use to power their voices. It’s simple, and it’s the way your voice was created and best of all. . . it works!


  • Sing for Hours Without Losing Your Voice
  •  Avoid Sounding "Pitchy"
  •  Learn Proper Breath Control