#3 How to Warm Up Your Voice For Peak Performance

A good vocal warm-up is as vital to a singer/speaker as it is a professional athlete. A bad warm-up is more harmful to your voice than no warm-up at all. Knowing how to tell a good warm-up from a bad warm-up is vital to your vocal health and your performance. 

Warming-Up Your Voice for Peak Performance

Athletes always warm-uo their muscles before an important performance, do you? Your voiceeeis a fine tuned instrument and uses muscles that also need a good warming =up for maximum results.

In Lesson Three you will learn how to keep your voice healthy, how to sing with a cold, and how to warm-up your voice even in a hotel room. Voice lesson three also comes with a list of do's and don'ts to keep your voice in good working order even on those "bad-voice-days".

The more you know about your voice and it's needs, the more confident you will feel when you are singing or speaking,

This Lesson Includes a 10 Minute Warm-up.

In this Lesson youwill learn:

  • Why athlets warm up their bodies and why singers always do the same before a performance
  • How to sing with a cold and still sound good
  • How tohandle "Bad Voice Days."
  • Alist of good vocal "do's and Don'ts"
  • A 10 minute vocal warm-up (state male or female)