#4 How To Avoid Yodels, Breaks & Voice Cracks

There is nothing more humiliating than a voice that “yodels and cracks” on the high notes. The good news is, there are proven techniques that will help you gain control over your voice “breaks” and avoid sounding “pitchy”. Lesson four will give you secrets the pros use to “hit” those high notes.


It’s time to lose the fear of "losing it" right in the middle of your star performance. There is nothing more embarrassing to a singer than a voice that "yodels and breaks" right in the middle of their impressive high notes.

Lesson Four will help you control those pesky "pitch breaks".

You’ll learn exactly what causes the voice to crack and weaken as you reach for the higher notes of your song. Instead of dreading those "breaks" in your voice, I will teach you how to stylistically use that "edgy" sound—that many of today’s pop singers use—to add emotion and excitement to your song. This voice lesson is a must have for all singers, amateur or professional and will teach you:

  •     How to keep your voice strong on high notes

  •     How to sing with an "edgy" emotional voice

  •     How to add style and phrasing to your songs

  •     Easy tricks the pros use to stay out of "head voice"

Don’t forget to download your PDF handout before taking your lesson.