#5 How To Pick The Right Song For Your Voice


Anyone who has watched The Voice or American Idol has heard Coaches say, "Bad Song Choice!" to the bewildered contestants who thought their songs were perfect. Finding the right song for your unique voice and style in a key that fits your vocal range takes time, research, and an understanding of what type of songs are best for your unique voice.

When it Comes to Singing, One Song Does NOT Fit All

Lesson Five will eliminate all the research and help you instantly find the perfect song for your voice. It will also help you to identify your unique vocal style, and teach you what it means to sing in the right key. This voice lesson is also helpful for the budding songwriter who must understand why it is important to sound like a pro when you record your demos.

The lesson also comes with a list of popular audition and performance songs, which include: skill ratings, voice types and keys.

You’ll also learn where to order the best voice tracks for your performance.

In this lesson you will learn:

  •    How to find the right song for your voice
  •    How to create a unique style that fits your personality
  •    How to understand and find the right keys for your voice


 NOTE: This Lesson Includes a  PDF Song List for Each Voice Type.